Kelley Gun Leather
Custom Handcrafted Holsters

Break-In and Care

How to Break-in your Holster:

Leather holsters will require some break-in when new. Each holster is molded to a specific firearm, and also molded with a front to back curve to match the curve of the human body. This curve will adjust naturally over time to fit your shape.

The holster to firearm fit should be very tight on a new holster. UNLOAD your firearm and insert it into the holster. Remove and reinsert several times. Insert the firearm and allow it to remain in the holster for a few minutes. Remove the firearm and check fit. If the fit is still too tight, place your UNLOADED firearm inside a standard Zip-Lock style plastic bag. Insert the weapon into the holster and allow it to sit for an hour. Remove the firearm and check fit again. If the fit is still too tight, you can add another plastic bag and repeat. Over time, the leather will stretch slightly and the fit will loosen. It is important to not stretch the leather too much, as this will lessen retention of the weapon and possibly make the holster unsafe.

How to Care for your Holster:

Your new holster will last many years with proper care. The process of molding a holster to fit a specific firearm also causes the leather to become very stiff. This stiffness provides retention of the weapon and durability. Please do not apply any oils or leather softeners to your new holster. Doing so could destroy the molding and retention characteristics and render the holster useless and unsafe. Polishes or waxes may be applied to the outer surface to bring back the shine.

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